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Emergent Bio Pharm Packaging and Warehouse Connection

Project Information at a Glance:

Type of work:  5,000 sq ft renovation and 2,000 sqft new construction


Role:                 General Contractor

Location:           Baltimore City, Maryland

Formerly known as Cangene Bio Pharm in 2014 they became Emergent Bio Pharm. Having worked on the site before adding a new warehouse,which you can see here, we were once again hired to renovate the small pox facility to become the new packaging facility and build a new connection between that building and the existing warehouse.  Being the General Contractor for the job we created a schedule that would see the completion of both projects at the same time. In the small pox facility we handled all phases of demolition, including removal of stainless steel duct work and pipe work, the metal framing, drywall hanging and finishing and all the final details. In the new packaging area we followed all the specifications for biopharmacutical work suck as epoxy paints, epoxy flooring, wipeable walls for clean rooms, and all the proper techniques for HVAC Electrical and plumbing.  In the transitional building we were met with delays in the steel columns and beams that create the structure of the building. we quickly formulated a plan to to navigate around the steel shortage and still maintain deadlines. Once resolved the masonry walls went up that matched the existing building, epoxy floors were installed along with lights receptacles, safety rails, and a material lift to get products from the floor to the warehouse floor. In the end both projects were completed ahead of schedule and once again meeting and exceeding the expectations of the client .