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Exterior renovations to your home can be just as important as interior renovations.  It not only increases curb appeal and the value of your home, but upgrading the exterior can help to prevent some interior damages and unexpected costly repairs.  Most products on the market are designed with little to no maintenance after installation and energy savings in mind.  New windows and doors can significantly reduce drafts and Low E glass can increase your energy star rating.  New siding and roofing can protect your home from Mother Nature's unpredictable elements as well as rot, mold, decay, and termites. 

Below are some our past projects that focus on exterior renovations.

Vinyl siding is the most commonly selected style of siding because of it's wide range of styles, color choices, and hassle free maintenance.  However, did you know that there are various other styles of siding available, most of which still require little to no maintenance?  A combination of one or more of the following styles can give dramatic attractiveness to the curb appeal of your home.

Stone and Cultured Stone
Brick and Brick Veneer
Cedar Shingles
Wood Clapboard
Fiber Cement Board Siding
Vinyl Trims

Painted cedar siding before replacement (left) and new vinyl ductchlap siding with new shutters (right)

Decks and Patios

During the spring and summer months, entertaining guests can become easier with the warmer weather and use of your deck or patio.  But age and the elements of nature can sometimes take a toll on your entertaining spots, often times causing the need for replacement.  Decks and patios are designed to fit the natural ebb and flow of your house.  Like siding, there are many different styles of decking now available, most of which last a lifetime with little maintenance.  Vinyl composite decks are becoming more popular with their variety of colors and cleaner finished look.  While composite decks do not need to be sealed from the elements of weather, it is recommended they be cleaned to keep up their beauty.  Traditional treated lumber decks are still a popular choice, however they require more maintenance such as yearly staining and/or water sealing to help reduce weathering and rot.  The look is then finished off with railings made from vinyl, wood, iron, or aluminim.

The days of plain concrete patios are over.  The more popular concrete patio is a stamped concrete patio.  They can be colored and are then sealed to help prevent fading and weather damage.  Patios can also be designed and made out of pavers, stone, and brick.  We can also combine a few of these materials, including decking materials, to really create a unique look for your patio.

Pressure treated lumber deck with vinyl railings (right) and composite decking with vinyl railings (left)

Windows and Doors

Replacing old windows and doors can alleviate you from the stress and frustration you might currently be experiencing with your old worn out windows and doors.  New windows can save you money on rising energy bills.  Another point to consider is that if you have old windows that stick or are hard to get open, they may be a potential hazard in the unfortunate case of fire.  Replacing entry doors can also add security to your home and enhance curb appeal.  With a variety of options to customize your windows and doors, the decision can be overwhelming.  Our knowledgable field and office staff have all the answers you need to help you make the best and most cost effective decision possible for replacing windows and doors.