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Project Information at a Glance:

Type of work:  1,456 square foot addition

Role:                 General Contractor

Location:           Forest Hill, Harford County, Maryland

When the homeowner approached us with his unique idea of wanting a rustic looking addition without HVAC in the addition, we readily accepted the project and knew he had chosen the right contractor.  Because of our outstanding relationship with county officials, we were able to compromise on an acceptable amount of insulation that complied with code and allowed the owner to get the addition he wanted.

Custom rough cut timber trusses were designed and built for this project with a 2x6 tongue and groove ceiling allowing both the trusses and pine ceiling to be completely exposed.  The interior and exterior walls were also finished off with a tongue and groove pine board and all was sealed with a special weather sealant clear finish.  The floor is 3" character grade rift and quarter white oak hardwood flooring which was also finished with a clear coat.  This flooring was selected because it is able to better accommodate the more extreme fluctuations of temperature in the unconditioned space versus a conditioned space.

We were in constant communication with the owner during the design of the addition, including the timber trusses, ensuring we included everything he envisioned.  We were able to keep costs under control through the use of our own excavation equipment, crane, and skilled in-house staff throughout foundation, framing, flooring, and applying the protective finish on all exposed lumber and flooring.
Excavation, foundation, and framing


Exterior Finishes

Interior finishes