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Jarrettsville Addition

Project Information at a Glance:

Type of work:
  256 square foot addition to single family

Role:                 General Contractor 

Location:           Jarrettsville, Harford County, Maryland
Designed and built by Stillwater Construction, this one story addition extended the master bedroom and bathroom.  Prior to construction, it was unexpectedly determined that the existing HVAC system would not be able to supply the new addition.  To the satisfaction of the customer, we were able to come up with a cost effective solution to install a new and more efficient split system for the addition and the existing house.  During construction, the entire roof of the existing house was also replaced when the new roof of the addition was installed.

As General Contractor, we were responsible for and active in all phases of construction from design to excavation and foundation to framing, painting, and finishes.  When additions are built, it is not uncommon for home owners to take the opportunity to freshen up or remodel other areas of their home.  The bathroom fixtures that were in the existing master bathroom were removed during the demolition phase, saved, and installed in another existing bathroom that was remodeled with new paint and tile on the walls and floor.

The broad range of skill possessed by our field staff allowed us to keep additional costs down by limiting the amount of additional subcontractors needed including plumbing, drywall, painting, and flooring contractors.