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Monkton Addition

Project Information at a Glance:

Type of work:
   1700 sqft garage and second floor living quarters addition

Role:                 General Contractor

Location:           Monkton Baltimore County, Maryland

Having worked with the homeowner on various other projects we were hired to add a two story garage addition to their house and convert the existing garage into a living area. The project presented many challenges such as the various roof angles and angles to which the addition was placed to the house including the tower window between the old garage and new garage. It was also framed to have a future elevator in the house to go from the garage level all the way to the second level of the house. The garage also features a car turn table to showcase automobiles. All of these challenges and interesting design aspects were met with out issue by our team.  Working closely with architects, vendors, and the homeowner we were able to formulate a plan and execute it with out issue,  all while the homeowners still lived in the home.