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Ropewalk Tavern and McFaul's Pub in Federal Hill

Project Information at a Glance:

Type of work:
   Complete interior demolition and remodel of
                          an existing 3 story townhome for restaurant
                          and lounge use

Role:                  General Contractor

Location:             Federal Hill, Baltimore City, Maryland

During the spring and summer of 2007, Stillwater Construction undertook one of it's most interesting commercial projects in recent company history.  The owners, impressed with the renovations we completed at their Ropewalk - Bel Air location, wanted to expand their downtown location for their ever increasing business.  Next to the existing Tavern in Federal Hill was an abandoned three story rowhome.  The inside of the home was completely demo'd and rebuilt into a new restaurant and lounge.  It was designed to seamlessly connect to the existing Ropewalk to provide access to both establishments from the inside.  The small kitchen of Ropewalk was also remodeled, upgraded, and doubled in size to accomodate for handling both establishments.  During the demolition phase, severe pre-existing structural damage of the existing Tavern was discovered and immediately corrected before construction could proceed.

The men and women of Stillwater worked almost 24 hours a day throughout the final week of construction to complete the building transitions and upgrades on the first and second floors of Ropewalk and the restaurant as well as the kitchen of Ropewalk.  During this time, we worked in close coordination with Ropewalk's management to ensure there was extremely limited disruption to their business.

As General Contractor on this project we were responsible for handling all of the materials, coordination of subcontractors, and scheduling to avoid unnecessary delays and disruption.  Work on this project included all new mechanicals as well as BGE electrical upgrades, removal of front exterior facade and repair of existing brick underneath, new trim, 3 custom built bars, new toilet partitions, and hardwood flooring.

Finished bathrooms

First floor interior transition areas between Ropewalk Tavern and the new restaurant/lounge

Second floor interior transition areas between Ropewalk Tavern and the new restaurant/lounge