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Project Information at a Glance:

Type of work:
  New single family home construction

Role:                 General Contractor

Location:           Bowleys Quarters, Baltimore County,

Homes built along the waterfront are prone to more damaging effects from the weather than homes built farther inland.  Home owners are constantly remodeling or rebuilding to keep up with the value and asthetics of their home.  In this case, the existing home that sat on this property was so dilapidated that it was more cost effective to demo the home and build new, especially since local codes had changed after the flooding of Hurricane Isabel in 2003.  Stillwater was hired to design-build this house and in late spring of 2005, demolition and construction began.

The owner's main goal was to create a welcoming atmosphere in their home that would not take away from the beautiful waterfront views.  To achieve this, the most notable and impressive feature of the home is the wall of windows that faces the water with the dining, kitchen, and living room areas on the first floor sharing the same open space.  The painted exposed structural steel beams, exposed rough cut poplar floor joists for the second floor, and custom compass inlay in the hardwood floor complete the warm, friendly environment.  Because of the exposed floor joists, the unfinished hardwood for the second floor had to be installed, protected, and covered before the second floor walls were built.  Those walls were prefabricated in our shop and then craned and set into place to avoid unneccessary damage to the protected hardwood.

Our speed and professionalism in building this home impressed the neighbors so much that we were hired to design-build another home in the same neighborhood the following year.